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Exercise 10 - Range and Endurance

Prior to reviewing the experimental method, determine the POH settings together with the student given the days ambient conditions.

Maximum Range

  • Beginning from normal cruise, reduct the power and airspeed to match the predetermined range values
  • Lean the mixture as per your POHs instructions
  • You may choose to adjust the power setting as appropriate for head/tailwinds

Student Practice


Maximum Endurance

  • Repeat steps from Max Range except using values for maximum endurance
  • Allow Student practice and explain airspeed indications as well as aircraft status



  • Prior to the flight, have a piece of paper with a T-Table on it. The columns should be Power and Airspeed
  • Starting at cruise, record the power setting and airspeed
  • Reduce power 100 RPM and allow the aircraft to stabilize, be patient
  • Once stabilized, record airspeed
  • Flight for range occurs when the greatest airspeed drops per 100 RPM
  • Have the student record while you fly

Student Practice 


  • For endurance, keep reducing power until the minimum power is achieved.
  • Lean mixture in both cases and point out control effectiveness

Student Practice

Demonstrate the next lesson if time permits. (Slow Flight)




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