The Canadian Pilot Resource Centre is a website designed as a one stop shop for all aviators looking to prepare themselves in their pursuit of aviation knowledge.


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March 2020

Over the years the Canadian Pilot Resource Centre has helped pilots with easy to access information that is relevant to their training. Fairly soon, we change our brand and begin offering more comprehensive ground school solutions to Canadians.


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Welcome to the Canadian Pilot Resource Centre! The CanPRC is a website designed to help the average Canadian Pilot find all of their pilot resources for training and flying in one place. Resources available to pilots include exercise notes, exam preparation guides, select flight test notes and various quick links available in the top menu.

The CanPRCs' content is a compilation of various articles and resources gathered over the years by numerous authors and pilots. The content within the website is intended to supplement official ground schools and workbooks and is not intended to replace wise words from more reputable sources. If you come across anything that you wish to improve, please feel free to Contact Us via the tab in the top menu.



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The Canadian Pilot Resource Centre is a not for profit website. All resources on the site have been gathered by many individuals and shared for convenience.

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